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Air Conditioning Tune-Up Time Has Arrived

service-written-on-windowMarch never means the cold weather in the Triangle Area simply vanishes overnight. Anyone who’s lived here for even a few years knows the temperamental shifts of the spring weather. Although the cold weather can return at any time, this is still the part of the year to schedule service to gear-up your air conditioner to prepare it for the full return of warm weather.

And that means (drum roll, please) … it’s time to arrange for regular cooling system maintenance from your friendly local professionals.

So this really has to be done every year, huh?

You might have read about AC maintenance on our blog last year. You’ll read about it next year. It’s that important for air conditioning systems to receive inspections and tune-ups annually from licensed pros. There’s a long list of reasons this is vital and beneficial, but here are the highlights:

  • Stop “no cooling” surprises: The “no cooling” emergency call is one all HVAC contractors are familiar with during the summer months. An air conditioning system suddenly loses its ability to send cool air around the house—not fun! Most of these emergencies are preventable, however, if an AC has a check-up and tune-up in spring. Technicians can catch problems early and have them dealt with, and the tune-up removes the cumulative stress that can cause a system breakdown.
  • Save money running the AC: Electrical costs rise during the summer because of all the power sent to the AC compressor and motors. Those costs will be much higher if an AC starts to collect dust and dirt on its moving components, loses lubrication on motors, or simply ages faster from wear and tear. Maintenance allows an AC to retain its energy-efficiency rating through most of its life.
  • Reduce repair calls: The majority of air conditioning repair issues—around 85%—can be stopped ahead of time with yearly maintenance. That not only is a huge money-saver, it’s a time saver.
  • Extended equipment life: An air conditioning system that doesn’t have maintenance has an average life expectancy of eight years. This is doubled thanks to routine maintenance. An extra eight years of service from an air conditioner? Now that is saving money!
  • Cleaner operation: A dusty, unkept air conditioning system will make the air in a house stale, dirty, and even moldy.

Join the Comfort Club from Comfort Master

The Durham, NC HVAC contractor to take care of this season’s air conditioning tune-up (as well as all future AC and heating tune-ups) is right here! When you become part of our Comfort Club family, you’ll be set up for twice-yearly inspections with our 23-Point Inspection Value. You’ll also receive discounts and priority customer service: 10% discount off any repairs and double parts warranty from one to two years, plus 24-hour emergency service. Our monthly pricing schedule makes it easy to make this great investment in your family’s comfort. Reach out to us today to learn more about the details.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers service throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina. Comfort from Our Family to Yours!

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