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Ways Air Conditioning Maintenance Pays You Back

Air-conditioner-repairman-maintenanceIt’s the second half of spring, and we’re enjoying steady warm weather here in the Triangle Area. Is your air conditioner already putting in a solid few hours of work each day? If it is, did you remember to arrange to have it inspected and tuned-up by an HVAC professional?

If your answer is “No, should I?” or “Oh, I forgot—is it okay to skip this year?” then our answers are “Yes,” and “No, we recommend AC maintenance every year” respectively.

This is a short-term and long-term investment

People are reluctant to pay upfront for maintenance, since they often don’t see the immediate benefits. But this is an investment, and it’s a safe one. When you keep your home’s cooling equipment in good shape thanks to annual maintenance from skilled HVAC pros, the air conditioning system will pay you back in numerous ways:

  • Lower operating costs: The regular cleaning and adjustments that are a big part of regular maintenance will allow an AC to run at high efficiency. Each year an AC misses maintenance, it will cost on average 5% more to run—and that quickly adds up.
  • Fewer repair costs: How often should you have to call for repairs for your cooling system? More than once a year is too often, but with maintenance you can have more than 85% of possible repairs prevented. That means you’ll rarely have to call or pay for repairs at all. Think of shaving 85% off the cost to repair your AC over its lifetime. That’s a lot of money!
  • Longer system life: Without spring maintenance done each year, the standard split-system air conditioner in a home can expect to last from 5 to 8 years. With maintenance, that amount almost doubles to 10 to 15 years, and sometimes more. This is the biggest savings you’ll receive from maintenance: avoiding having to pay to replace your AC five to eight years earlier than you should.

These are only the ways maintenance saves you money. Arguably the biggest benefit of sticking with the annual tune-up and inspection schedule is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy. You won’t need to be worried that your AC will suddenly conk out on you during one of the hottest day of the year. Professional maintenance makes sure your AC is in the best shape to handle whatever sizzling hot days are ahead each summer.

Arrange for maintenance with the Comfort Club

We offer some of the best AC maintenance you can find with a Raleigh, NC, HVAC company. Membership in our Comfort Club provides you with twice-annual tune-ups for your HVAC system. Yes, that means your air conditioner and your heater. On each maintenance visit, our technicians will give your HVAC system a thorough 25-point inspection. We offer different pricing tiers to make it easier for you to afford great comfort system care. There are other membership benefits as well: priority customer status, no overtime rates, 24-hour service, a 10% discount off any repairs, and double parts warranty from one to two years.

Serving the Triangle Area of North Carolina: Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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