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AC Warranties: You Need Them! (And Need to Keep Them!)

warranty-badgesThis is one of the misconceptions we run into the most often as technicians in the HVAC industry: “equipment warranties aren’t important.”

We aren’t sure where this myth comes from. Perhaps people are wary of being tricked into purchasing something they don’t need along with a major piece of equipment. But warranties for devices like central air conditioning systems are important. You not only want a good 10-year warranty on a new AC installation, you want to make sure the warranty isn’t voided during that period.

The Reasons Warranties Are Necessary

Your new air conditioning system comes with a parts and labor warranty that usually covers 10 years. If your air conditioner malfunctions during that time, and a professional contractor determines the part that failed had a manufacturer’s defect, the warranty will cover the part replacement as well as the labor.

Here’s something to consider: around 2% of all air conditioning systems leave the factory with some type of defect. That may sound like good odds for gambling, but you don’t gamble with your family’s comfort. If a major part of the AC fails because of a factory defect, you don’t want to be caught having to pay for the manufacturer’s error. Especially not when a large component like the compressor is defective. Usually, if a compressor goes, it’s more cost-effective to have a whole new AC put in rather than just replace the compressor—that is, unless it’s under warranty, in which case you’re covered a new compressor.

The parts and labor warranty doesn’t cover smaller components like air filters, the fan belts, and electrical wiring. You’ll need to rely on a contractor to do regular upkeep on the AC, unless you wish to purchase an extended warranty from the contractor.

How the Warranty Can Be Voided

There are ways to have the warranty voided if you take the wrong steps or neglect to take certain steps:

  • Allow amateurs to install the system: There are many reasons only to trust professionals for AC installation. One of them is to ensure the warranty is valid. A bad installation can mean the manufacturer won’t honor the warranty for repairs.
  • Replacement parts from another company: When you work with HVAC professionals for repairs, you should never run into this trouble. Licensed pros will always use the compatible parts from the manufacturer for replacements.
  • Not registering the AC: Paperwork comes with your new air conditioner. Please don’t ignore it, since you must send in the registration form for the warranty to be valid.
  • Neglecting annual maintenance: This is a big one people often forget about. Your AC needs routine maintenance to protect all of its parts and keep it in best condition. Without a professional maintenance plan in place, the manufacturer won’t honor the warranty.

The Zebulon, NC, HVAC technicians at Comfort Master are skilled in all aspects of home cooling, from installing new systems to the routine maintenance necessary to keep the warranty valid. If you have any questions about warranties and system installations, trust us to answer all of them.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers service throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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