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End-of-Season AC Repairs Are Important!

ac-repair-workHas the last heat of the year come and gone? Maybe. Or maybe not. You might still require the hard work of your air conditioning system in your house before it shuts off for the rest of the year and the heating system takes over for winter. Because the AC may need to leap back to work, it needs to be in the right shape to handle a heat snap.

Do you have any current concerns that your AC may not be up to the task of coming back on for another run at the heat? If so, please don’t decide to wait it out until the spring. Repairs for an air conditioner should always be done promptly, regardless of the date on the calendar. Yes, even in November. We’ll explain why these fall repairs are still important below.

A neglected repair may turn into a more expensive repair—or multiple repairs

A malfunction in an air conditioner has a tendency to spread to other components. Stress in one part means stress elsewhere. If you let the AC go to work at the end of the year even though you know there’s something loose or broken in it, you’re asking for the malfunction to worsen. When you do finally get around to repairing it (if the AC survives), the repair will probably cost more to complete, or there will be more than one repair to take care of. The faster you have air conditioning repairs, the less the repair is likely to cost.

Prevent an emergency breakdown

We know you don’t like the idea of arranging for an air conditioning repair this late in the season—but scheduling an emergency repair during a sudden hot day is far worse! You run the risk of a complete air conditioner system breakdown if you leave malfunctions you know about alone. To avoid this type of hassle and the cost of an emergency repair—which might even need to be an emergency replacement!—have any troubles you already know about fixed right away.

Ensure your AC has a long service life

It’s not good for an air conditioner to run when it has a malfunction somewhere in it. This is especially true if there’s a problem with the compressor, such as too much friction on it (a “tight” compressor) or it is hard-starting. This type of strain can take years off the service life of an air conditioner, meaning you won’t get the return in investment you want from it. Think of it this way: a replacement is the most expensive “repair” an air conditioner may need.

Keep utility bills down

The additional stress of an air conditioner running with a malfunction also means the system will drain more power than it should. You’ll end up paying more to operate the AC during the end of the year.

Your air conditioning repair in Cary, NC, whatever it may be, is in the best hands when you work with us. We offer 24/7 emergency repair work for when the problem can’t wait.

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