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4 Early Season AC Troubles to Watch For

ac-unit-from-topAs the warm weather starts here in North Carolina (the clock is ticking down toward the first day of summer!) our household air conditioners are going to start humming away to help us overcome the heat and the humidity. If you’ve already scheduled regular maintenance for your air conditioning system—something that’s essential each spring—you shouldn’t expect to run into any serious troubles this early in the heating system.

But it pays to be cautious, especially regarding such a vital piece of equipment for your family’s comfort and safety as the AC. Watch out for a number of air conditioning system troubles that may pop up as the year starts, and be ready to call our exceptional technicians for air conditioning repair in Zebulon, NC and the surrounding areas. We offer 24-hour emergency service for your convenience.

#1. Refrigerant leaks

No matter how well an AC is taken care of, leaks can begin along the copper refrigerant lines because of something called formicary corrosion. This is a type of corrosion affecting copper lines in contact with formaldehyde in the air, and its unfortunately present in almost all homes. This often affects ACs that are around 4 or 5 years old. Signs that it’s occurring include a hissing sound from the AC cabinets, frost along the indoor evaporator coil, or a decline in cooling power leading to hot spots in various rooms. Only professionals can seal the leaks and recharge the refrigerant.

#2. Short-cycling

Short-cycling refers to when an air conditioner’s compressor starts and stops multiple times during an hour, never completing a cooling cycle. The reason this might happen are numerous, but if it’s starting to occur early in the season, a likely reason is a clogged air filter or a miscalibrated thermostat. Have a technician look into the situation to find the cause.

#3. Capacitors failing

The capacitors in an AC are responsible for sending voltage to the various motors to start them running and then keep them running. Capacitors can begin to lose their ability to hold a charge over time, and the first signs this is happening are a clicking sound as the motors start up or motors that are “hard starting.” Technicians should replace the failing capacitors before they cause larger troubles.

#4. Clogged condensate drain

This often occurs in ACs that haven’t received routine annual maintenance. Algae growing in the condensate drain will clog it up and allow water to start to overflow from the condensate pan (which is only about an inch deep). This often will trigger the AC to shut down; you might notice a blank thermostat screen when this happens. Have professionals detach the condensate pan from the drain and clean both.

That last point brings up an important reminder: signing up for our Comfort Club is the best way to ensure you have a well-maintained air conditioning system each year—and a well-maintained heating system. You receive twice-annual maintenance for your HVAC systems, plus other great bonuses as well. Talk to our team today to learn more details.

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