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Signs You Need Repairs for Your Ductwork

January 18th, 2021

interior-ac-ductsWhen people think of residential HVAC companies, they usually first think of fixing and installing air conditioning and heating systems. But that only covers the “H” and “AC” part of “HVAC.” One of the most critical parts of our job providing Apex, NC, HVAC services is work on the ventilation systems in homes. Poor ductwork is a source of tremendous issues that can wreck comfort and ruin energy efficiency in a house. A great AC and heater won’t be worth much if the ductwork they use to distribute conditioned air is leaking and broken.

Your home may need ductwork repairs, such as duct sealing. But how can you tell when you can’t see most of the ducts? There are several signs, which may often appear to be trouble with other parts of the HVAC system at first. No matter what you think is the source, call us for help when you notice these warning signs:

Surge in heating/cooling costs

Air leaks in ducts can suck away up to 30% of the heated or cooled air moving through them. The HVAC system must make up for that loss by running longer, and this will cause a steep increase in monthly utility bills. Any rise in the cost to run the HVAC system that you cannot account for through increased use or an energy cost increase is a reason to call professionals.

Rattling sounds from the vents

When the heater or AC first comes on, you might hear slight rattling from the ductwork. This is normal: it’s the metal in the ducts expanding or contracting from the temperature change. But if a rattling sound is constant and it keeps coming through the vents, it may mean parts of the ducts are damaged or have come loose. 

The HVAC system is running too long

Short-cycling is a common trouble with an HVAC system, where the AC or heater shuts off too early then starts up again. The opposite problem can happen, when the blower fan and heater/AC stay running for far too long, seeming to never shut off. This can indicate too much air lost to air leaks. (Yes, this is one of the sources for higher energy bills.) 

Musty and moldy odors from the vents

Because the ducts are contained in shut-off areas of the house (between walls, in the attic), the air they draw in through gaps and holes will be stuffy, stale, and sometimes even moldy. This will end up wafted out of the vents, giving you an alert that the ductwork has damage. 

Uneven heating and cooling

Leaking air ducts are a major cause of a house that’s suffering from hot and cold spots in the rooms. Damaged ducts will channel less conditioned air to their vents.

Drop in airflow from the vents

If you notice that the airflow coming from room vents is sluggish, this may mean that leaks have caused air pressure throughout the ventilation system to decline. This will eventually lead to a drop in comfort around the house. 

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Clicking Sounds From Your Furnace: What Might Be Wrong

January 4th, 2021

woman-listeningIf you’re reading this, it’s probably not because you heard a few clicking sounds from the furnace when it started up. That sound is normal: it’s the ignition starting on the furnace, and it’s no reason to be alarmed. But the furnace shouldn’t be making clicking noises at other times, or clicking consistently or loudly. This is one of the most common warning signs that a furnace has a malfunction and needs attention from repair pros. 

There are several possible sources for these clicking sounds, and this is one reason professionals are always essential for handling repairs. Only trained HVAC experts can accurately diagnose the problem so it can be properly fixed. The list below will give you an idea of what to expect, but please don’t use it to attempt a DIY repair—that can be dangerous!

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How Leaving an HVAC Filter in Place Can Lead to Repairs

December 21st, 2020

air-fliter-cuIf there’s one piece of advice we would give local homeowners to help them avoid needless heating repair in Chapel Hill, NC, it would be… 

Okay, we couldn’t settle on one thing. That’s because we want to help our customers enjoy the best heating possible, and that means giving out all the advice we can. But, if we made a list of tips to avoid heating system malfunctions, the first item we’d put on that list is: “Regularly change the HVAC system’s air filter.” It’s an easy step to take, and an easy one to forget.

That’s often the problem with these easy steps. They sound so simple that they can sound unimportant. But regular air filter changes for an HVAC system are critical for many reasons. Below is a list of how you can end up with heating repairs during the winter because of a filter left in place.

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Can Geothermal Heating Work for My House?

December 7th, 2020

geothermal-heat-pump-diagramIf you’re looking to make a change in your home heating for the coming season, you may not have “geothermal” on your list. Maybe it hadn’t occurred to you that it’s an option, or perhaps you thought it was something out of reach for your house. 

We understand why many homeowners think geothermal isn’t something that could work for their comfort. It seems like such a big change that people back away from it. But it isn’t as major a change as people think. If you’ve wondered if geothermal heating can work for your home, we’d like to help answer that question. You may be surprised to find the answer is “yes.”

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Can My Furnace Become Dangerous?

November 23rd, 2020

furnace-isolated-whiteThe simple answer is: yes. But we want to assure you that it is uncommon for modern residential furnaces to create hazards in a home. They are built with multiple safety features to allow them to run as safely as possible. If you are diligent about scheduling maintenance inspections and tune-ups for the furnace each fall and always respond quickly to any signs of a malfunction to call for furnace repair in Durham, NC, you should have little reason to worry about safety hazards from your gas furnace.

We still have to discuss what can go wrong, however. This will help you in case you detect signs of furnace trouble. Never hesitate to call us when you think something may be wrong (and always shut down the furnace at the furnace switch before calling us). 

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Heating Off to a Bad Start? Let’s See Why

November 9th, 2020

cold-man-and-woman-in-parkasYou may not have had to turn on your heating system yet for the fall, but the time is coming. We hope that when your heating system settles in, it gives you the comfort your family needs without problems. We can help make that a reality with regular heating maintenance through our Comfort Club. Fall maintenance is necessary to ensure your heater encounters the fewest possible problems and runs at peak efficiency.

But even with maintenance, you may discover your heater comes off the starting blocks … uhm … roughly. Or doesn’t get off them at all. A heater that isn’t keeping up with your comfort needs, which turns on at off at odd times, or won’t even start. You may need our professional heating repair in Clayton, NC to get the problem solved, although sometimes you may have overlooked a simple issue. Below we’re going to look at some common reasons a heater has a bad start to its season.

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What Might Go Wrong Without Heating Maintenance

October 26th, 2020

fall-pumpkinsWe are going to get a bit scary in this post. It’s October, so it’s appropriate … and we promise not to get too scary, because everything negative we’re going to talk about is something you can avoid easily. All it takes is to schedule HVAC maintenance in Wilson, NC or elsewhere in the Triangle Area for your heating system in the fall with our technicians. 

Now, onto the scary stuff… 

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Ways to Tell You May Need an Air Purifier

October 12th, 2020

woman-with-sinus-troublesThe indoor air quality of your house may be poor. This is an educated guess, because numerous homes around the country suffer from poor indoor air quality because they have such poor outdoor ventilation. The troubles can intensify as the fall starts and cooler weather means more people inside and the house closed off to the outside air.

We have methods to help you enjoy better indoor air quality. One of these is the installation of air purifiers in Chapel Hill, NC. There are many different types of air purifiers available, and we can help find the right ones to help you—often paired with air filtration to catch larger particles.

However, this raises the question of how to know you need air purifiers in the first place. We have some answers below:

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Join the Comfort Club and Plan Your Heating Maintenance for Fall

September 28th, 2020

hands-opening-heating-cabinetFor people who work in the HVAC industry, fall is the time of heating maintenance. It’s when we visit our customers to inspect and tune-up their furnaces or other heaters so they’re ready for the winter. This heating maintenance in Wake Forest, NC is arguably the most important service we offer (tied with air conditioning maintenance), and we want to make it as easy for our customers as possible. That’s why we put together our Comfort Club: a maintenance plan that provides two 25-point inspections per year. When you sign up now, you can schedule your heating maintenance visit for the early fall, which is the best time to have it done.

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A Few AC Problems That Can Slink Up on You

September 14th, 2020

ac-repair-workThis is the time of the year when you need to be extra cautious about your air conditioning system. It’s been working hard since you had it professionally maintained back during spring. (You did remember to schedule that service, right? It’s key to getting the best performance from your AC each year with the fewest problems.) Plenty of strain has built up on the cooling system, and it still has months of work ahead before it gets any type of break during cooler weather. If you aren’t attentive to all the signs an AC is malfunctioning, there are some malfunctions that can sneak up on you.

That sounds sinister, but some of the biggest AC problems start small and can fly under your radar. Below we’ve listed a few of the problems that can strike your air conditioner without giving you big warning signs first. Never hesitate to call us for air conditioning repair in Cary, NC—the sooner we get these sneaky problems fixed, the easier and less expensive the repairs will be.

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