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Zone Control Systems

Zone Control Systems in Raleigh, NC

When you come into your home at night and flip on a light switch, does every light in your home blaze on at once? Of course not, that’d be wasteful. Yet most people are fine having their air conditioning and heating systems work this way: they turn on, and heated or cooled air blows through the vents to every room—regardless of whether the rooms needs it or not. This can add up to a lot of energy waste in large homes or homes that have rooms that are often empty.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has a way to solve this central heating and cooling dilemma: a zone control system, which gives you better control over your house’s climate. If you want to know how you can have your house in the Raleigh, NC area outfitted with zone heating and cooling, call our office. We offer comfort from our family to yours!

How Zone Heating and Air Conditioning Works

The basic concept behind a zone control system is shutting off airflow to specific room vents, where each vent represents a different "zone" in the house. You can close the covers over the vents yourself, but this isn’t actually zone control; in fact, it will increase the pressure inside the ventilation system, leading to damage.

What a professionally–installed zone control system does is divide the ductwork using special dampers. The dampers connect to local thermostats, which in turn connect to a central control panel. As the dampers shut to close sections of the ventilation system, the heating/air conditioning adjusts to reduce the pressure and use less energy. You can control the dampers through the main control, or use the local thermostats to affect just one area.

Reasons to Have Zone Heating and Cooling Installed

You can probably think of a number of benefits that a zone control system offers. We’ll break down a few of them, including some you may not have considered:

  • Lower energy bills – If there are rooms in your house that often don’t require heating or cooling, zone control lets you reduce the amount that the HVAC system has to work. You’ll see a noticeable decline on your monthly bills.
  • Personalized comfort – Do people in your home often bicker about the setting on the thermostat? That’s because everyone has unique temperature needs, and a single thermostat can’t meet them all. But with zone controls, everyone in your household can adjust the temperatures to suit themselves using the local thermostats.
  • Comfort suited to the rooms – Just like people, rooms have different comfort requirements. A home gym or the kitchen may need more cooling, while an infant’s room or a ground–floor bedroom may need less. Thanks to zone controls, you can give each room the right temperature.

Call Us for Zone Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Raleigh

You can choose to have a zone control system installed in your home as either part of the complete installation of a new HVAC system, or have it done as a retro–fit. It’s advisable to make it part of any new system install, but our technicians are certainly capable of adding it on to your existing ducted AC and heating system.

As with all the other services that we offer in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas, we provide follow–up work as well. If you need repairs for your zone control system, just contact us and we’ll arrange for it at a convenient time for you. After all, you are our priority.

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