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Thermostats in Raleigh, NC

How often do you give much thought your home’s thermostat(s)? We’d bet not that often. Thermostats are, after all, designed to hide in plain sight in a home: unobtrusive on the wall, only adjusted when necessary. This makes it easy to underestimate the importance of these small units.

They play an essential role in the operation of the HVAC system, the comfort levels throughout your house, and energy efficiency. A malfunctioning or out-of-date thermostat can have a crippling impact on your home’s heating and cooling. Fortunately, thermostats are easy to install, repair, and replace—at least for trained technicians.

Whenever you encounter problems with your HVAC system that may come from a thermostat issue, call on Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We can repair your thermostats or offer new thermostat installation with the best in current technology. We’ll bring you comfort from our family to yours in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas.

The Importance of the Thermostat

When broken down to its basics, a thermostat is a type of switch. It controls when the heating, AC, and blower fan turns on and off. The thermostat also measure temperatures in the home to determine when to activate the HVAC system. The thermostat is how you communicate with your home’s comfort system, so if it isn’t working correctly, it can lead to numerous issues: short–cycling, hot spots, cold spots, even an AC/heater that won’t turn on or turn off.

With so much depending on the thermostat’s correct operation, you’ll understand why it’s vital that your home’s thermostats work their best. Sometimes this will require more than repairs: you’ll need to upgrade to a new type.

What Type of Thermostat Replacement Is Best?

There are many models available today to replace an outdated manual thermostat. Below are some choices. Rely on your HVAC technicians to find the best option.

  • Digital thermostat – A no–frills digital thermostat is still superior to a manual one since it’s more precise. But when you have a programmable digital thermostat installed, you’ll see the huge advantages right away. You can control temperatures even when you’re away from home, and maximize comfort.
  • Wireless thermostat – Most of the world is going wireless, so why not thermostats as well? These are easy to place in a home, and most can be controlled using a remote.
  • Smart thermostat – This is the best option currently available: a thermostat that learns from you. Based on your settings, the thermostat will develop a unique program that will combine the best comfort with the best energy savings. You can also control the thermostat through an app on your computer or phone.

Full Thermostat Services in Raleigh, NC

It isn’t easy to tell when a thermostat is the reason for odd behavior from an air conditioner or heater. You can count on our expert repair technicians to track the trouble to the source and fix it if it is the thermostat at fault. If you’re ready for an upgrade, or you’re looking for thermostats as part of a new HVAC system installation, we’ll handle those jobs as well.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. started in business in 1994. We’ve remained current with heating and cooling technology over the last 20+ years, including keeping on the cutting edge of developments in climate control. When you’re looking for thermostat services in Raleigh, NC or the surrounding areas, make us the first company you call.

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